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Why Is It Important to Use Conditioner for Curly Hair?

The spiraled structure of the strands actually causes curly hair to be drier than normal hair. This is because the oils produced by the scalp take much longer to travel from the roots to the ends of the strands to lubricate them. The curl’s coiled shape also forces the cuticles open, allowing precious moisture to escape. That’s why it’s critical to use conditioner for curly hair every time you wash your hair.

Hair conditioning is probably the most important step in a curly or wavy hair routine because it helps to keep a thin hydrating layer on the hair to prevent tangling and frizzing, provides flexibility and softness and keeps the protein balance and moisture in the hair. Conditioner for curly hair provides hydration and essential nutrients to your hair, making it softer and healthier.

Conditioner for curly hair
Conditioner for curly hair

Deep conditioning your hair once a week or every two weeks will help reduce frizz, roughness, and dryness over time and restore the health of your hair. It is important to pay attention to your hair to determine if it requires a deep conditioner. You should opt for deep conditioning if your hair is drier than usual, gets tangled, and breaks easily.

If it’s already moistened, you may skip it. It is always advised to seek guidance from a curly hair expert for choosing the right conditioner for curly hair as well as knowing the right way to manage your waves and curls, so you can embrace your curls.

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