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Things to Consider Before Getting a Deva Cut for Your Curly Hair

The dry-cutting procedure, also known as a “Deva Cut,” was created for all types of naturally curly or wavy hair. In this method, the hair is molded in its natural form, curly by curl. In order to ensure that the stylist has a precise understanding of how your curls will appear when they fall, the Deva Cut is preformed on dry hair.

Comparing this to the conventional “straighten hair cut” which is performed on wet hair and uses a comb to pull waves and curls straight is a completely different approach to give better results as hair is cut in its natural state. Each curl will be clipped by your hairdresser in accordance with its natural shape. A cut that is evenly distributed is the outcome.

Deva Cut

Each customer departs with a distinctive and personalized cut that best fits them because of the Deva Cut’s focus on framing the face. Although the popular haircut trend has been around for a while, ladies still experiment with it to give their hair fresh vitality. A Deva cut hair stylist uses a specific technique to personalize an individual’s wavy hair texture and lifestyle.

Finding a Stylist

There are many curly hair stylists engaged in providing specialized cuts and styles for men and women with curly or wavy hair. It is always advisable to look only for curly hair specialists to get quality care and the right cut to match your personality, lifestyle and hair styling goals. Finding the best stylist requires some research. You must leverage social media and other online platforms to find a stylist in your neighborhood. Most of them put their portfolios on social media sites as well as websites. It is recommended that you look at the work of each stylist and find the one that best reflects your own personal style. To make things easier, look for a stylist who specializes in your specific curl type or pattern. Customer reviews are also very helpful for making better decisions. It is also important to understand what kind of haircut you want before walking into your first appointment. It is good to bring a picture that helps you communicate your expectations to your stylist.

Things to consider before scheduling your visit to a salon

After choosing your Deva cut Stylist and scheduling your initial session, your hair needs to be prepared before you arrive in the salon. To prepare your hair for your Deva cut, we suggested the following steps:

  • Use a decent conditioner and enough water to wet the hair; avoid using coconut or Shea butter.
  • Use a vent brush or wide-tooth comb to de tangle the hair
  • Scrunch to activate your waves and curls
  • After thoroughly rinsing the conditioner from the hair, cover it with a t-shirt and let it sit for 20 minutes.
  • Take off the t-shirt and let your hair dry naturally.

Keep in mind that step 5 is crucial because the hair is cut dry during the Deva cut procedure. You want to make sure your hair is in a state where your curls will naturally fall for everyday wear. Remember, an expert hair stylist can completely transform your look and make you feel confident in helping you rock your

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