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The Uses and Benefits of Wavy Hair Method

Curly girl method is a popular method where you avoid using sulphates and make use of specialized curly hair products and also style your hair in a regimented method. If you have wavy hair and you have tried the curly method, but didn’t get results, it’s not surprising. Every curl pattern and hair has different needs and needs to be accessed individually.

We know there is a difference between wavy and curly hair and that they are the same thing,  Waves usually will have different needs than curls. Fine wavy or even curly hair needs to have a different hair routine specific to these finer hair textures.  These differences are usually related to the natural oils produced by the scalp and how easily they go through the length of the strands. It takes longer with curly hair. So those who have wavy hair, it’s easier for those oils to naturally moisturize the hair from root to tip which will then lend this hair type to getting a little oiler at the scalp with little to know volume when styled.

We need to introduce various methods and routines specific to these curl textures.  The wavy hair method is ideal for wavy haired girls with 2A, 2B, and 2C hair type. The method focus on improving your waves and promoting your health in a specialized way by changing the way you wash / cleanse your hair specifically. Identifying the washing frequency and products these textures use.

The wavy hair method helps to explore every aspect of the wavy girl method, so you can attain your best waves. It is less of strict rules and more of a loose set of guidelines designed to improve your natural waves. By making slight changes to the traditional curly girl method to keep your waves moisturized without using products to weight the hair down. You must be careful of the shampoo frequency to help keep the patterns elasticity strong.  If washed too much the elastic for the wavy hair can be effected. SO always remember sulfate-free shampoos and not using product heavily comprised of oils as part of the formal. Oils cause buildup and weigh the hair down and don’t hydrate as we are lead to believe.

Making very slight changes to the traditional Curly Girl Method makes it easier to keep your waves moisturized without adding too much product. They are hydrated and nourished to the perfect level.

Tips for using Wavy Hair Method

  • Waves need to use clarifying shampoo more often than curly hair
  • It also required deep condition less often so as to make sure volume and avoid added heaviness
  • One should use more water during styling process to ensure beautiful clumps
  • One must use lesser products and opt for lighter creams and gels to set waves
  • A diffuser is also helpful to get more defined wavy pattern
  • Once the styles are applied, one should avoid combing the hair
  • Embrace your waves and stay consistent to attain the best hair

One thing needs to be taken into mind that wavy hair method is experimental method and it needs to be customised as per your specific hair needs. There are many different types of natural hair. And even some individuals have a mix of two-three types as well. Each type of curly hair requires a slightly different hair care routine modified to get the best possible results out of that texture. From wavy to loose curls to tighly coiled here, there is no one routine suitable for all kind soft curly hair. It is required to be modified as per your hair texture, thickness, porosity, length. It needs to be modified as per the results you wish to have from it.