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Signature Curly Cuts

Wavy to curly cuts include wash and curly style. Surcharge for extra thick hair. Book detox if you use oils or oil based products on your hair.


Signature Cuts

Whether you book a signature cut, curly cut, wavy cut, Ouidad or Curlisto cut you will need to come in prepared properly for you experience with us.

Please come in with your hair washed, clarified of all oils, coconut or shea products. and styled with a leave-in styling product and 100% dry.

Note: If you do not have a clarifying shampoo, book a retail pick-up and we will provide one for you for $3.99. it is a multi-use product and will last a couple of months with regular use.

Please do not clip, pony-tie, twist, finger coil, braid, blow dry or straighten your hair when preparing for this service. We need to see how your hair falls in its natural state. Hair will be washed at your appointment but your hair should be no older than 2 days since you last wash before this appointment.

Do make sure your hair is parted and styled the way you wear it.

Book detox if you use oils or oil based products on your hair.

If you book this service it for a wavy or curly cut wash and style.

Prices are from $95  and cost is based on time or your service.

Express Cuts

If you know your way around the curly world you can book as “Express Cut” for a maintenance cut. This means you have had you last haircut within the last 6 months and you are looking to maintain your current shape.

For this service you will come in prepared with your hair washed and curly styled with whatever styling products you use and 100% dry. Please come in on your best hair day! So if day two is your best hair day come in prepped for a day two express cut.







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