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Natural Clarifying Shampoo or Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses

Are you on the search for a natural clarifying shampoo or using apple cider vinegar rinses instead?

The truth to a good haircare routine is we do need to give our hair and scalp a reset / hair detox and deep clean at least once a month! I remember as a teen buying a chelating shampoo to clean my hair. No one told me that clarifying was what I should do, I just knew my hair needed it. This was over 40 years ago in my early teens.

So fast forward to an age when we have so much more accessible to us product wise, info for new and different routines to try. But it still boils down to what I felt I needed then to what we need to do now more so because we have doing and trying more.

Why clarify?

Clarifying gives your hair a reset. If you use products with a lot of oils or silicones they need to be removed to allow your hair to breathe. Artificial emollients in conditioners from a lot of products on the market will layer on the hair blocking water to hydrate as if should when you wash your hair. Shampoo or clarifying shampoo can do it but it leaves hair feeling dehydrated so you research and decide to grab the ACV to rinse! I have heard people tell me they do a rinse of anywhere to straight up, 50/50 to 75/25 water to ACV. But, the results / effects I see when they come to the salon is their hair looks dry and brittle and hair bounce is just not there. ACV is not the answer!

How do you know you need to clarify?

Here are the symptoms:

-hair looses its shine

-shedding more

-tangled ends

-hair seems to not to be growing

What’s the natural clarifying answer?

Our solution 100% natural to help you with the clarifying step. Our natural haircare shampoo bar does have ACV (apple cider vinegar) as a double base to its formula. We put in the first part of the soap making process and then again before the soap sets and cures and we add more. The acidity is not the same when ACV goes through the soap making process. Our shampoo bar gently removes buildup and will reset and detox your hair to bring your hair back to life.

How often do you need to clarify.

If you wash and style your hair one to two times a week clarify once a month.  If you wash and style your hair 3-4 times a week clarify two times a month. The best time for your deep conditioning or treatment is right after clarifying!

If you use products with a lot of oils do try our super formulated buildup buster “Lime and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Not A Strip Bar.”

Pink Himalayan Sea Salts create the most luxurious lather to dig deep to remove all the oils gently and the line balances the oil production on your scalp! This is not a clarifying shampoo its even better because its natural and gentle!

Next we will share how to use our natural haircare shampoo bar to get the best results.


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