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Learn the ABCs of Managing Curly Hair

A well executed curly hair method is a beauty solution for curly and wavy hair types that aims to smooth and strengthen curls. It involves adjusting your usual curly and wavy hair routine and changing your hair care method. You can achieve the healthy curly hair of your dreams by utilizing and avoiding specific foods, treatments, and employing curl specific styling tricks.

With her expertise in curly hair and structure, Adina has only ever known a work life as a curly hair stylist. She began her career in the hair and beauty industry in 2003 after graduating from cosmetology school and commencing her apprenticeship at a downtown Toronto salon in posh Yorkville. This salon specialized in curly hair.

Adina was fascinated to learn of the specialized services of a salon dealing with curls of all kinds, sizes, and textures. She then headed to the United States to embark on her curly education and certifications and enrolled at Deva Academy in New York for her first curly course.

Today, Adina has the most acclaimed curly expert certification. She is both Ouidad and Curlisto certified, and she also has three Deva qualifications: Advanced, the Art of Texture,  Certified and was named Canada’s first Deva Curl Coach in 2016. She also later became an educator for Deva.

At the time of this post her salon, Curly Girls Studio, is the only studio in North America offering Ouidad, Curlisto and Deva techniques to clients.

Her “curl” book is the perfect remedy for managing and maintaining curly and wavy hair. With many methods explained your waves or curls will become smoother and stronger. These methods involve making changes to your regular wavy or curly hair routine and changing your hair care method.

The ABCs will teach you how to take care of your hair and how to accept and enjoy your natural hair rather than fight it. This book is jam-packed with curly hair methods and curl-related information and guidance. The “ABCs” will take you on a whirling adventure with your frizzy, wavy, curly, or kinky-curly hair from A to Z, so you may achieve the consistent curly style you’ve always wanted.

ABCs will teach you how to take care of your curly hair and embrace and cherish it. This book is packed with curl-related information and guidance. “The ABCs” will take you on a winding journey with your frizzy, wavy, curly, or kinky-curly hair from A to Z, so you may achieve that consistent style you’ve been looking for. The book will help you to learn the curly and  / or wavy hair method and the way to implement it:

  • You know, the right technique to control frizz.
  • Understand your particular curl pattern and its needs.
  • Learn the importance of elasticity for your hair and how to restore it.
  • Rehabilitate and recover your hair from heat damage and chemical services.
  • Methods for properly washing and conditioning routines to help hydrate and add moisture to your hair.
  • Learn the way to care for multi-curl and super-kinky hair patterns.
  • Learn about different styling products and application methods to get the best curly style.
  • Learn the way to dry, diffuse, add volume, and protect your curls at night.
  • How to get better next-day curls
  • DIY curly tips and techniques
  • Learn how to embrace and enjoy your grey with its result oriented transitioning and highlighting tips

The ABC will make your hair routine easily manageable and even make you fall in love with your waves or curls. By using the right technique and methods, you will feel inspired by how easy your hair routine can be and look and feel good everyday embracing a curly lifestyle. “The ABCs” will inspire you to always be curly and love it.