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Hair Profiles

When booking your first appointment, please take a moment to ensure optimal results. When scheduling online, answer the following questions and share a picture of your hair to help us understand your needs.

  • When was your last haircut?
  • What is your style goal? Bring pictures or clips showcasing the desired shape or style.
  • How should you prepare for a curly cut? Arrive with washed, styled curls within 24 hours, detangled, dry, and in their natural state, preferably styled with a leave-in cream styler. Ensure your hair is free of oils and avoid ponytail holders or clips.

Please note that extremely tangled hair may incur extra charges, so ensure your hair is detangled to avoid additional fees.

Cuts are booked based on length and thickness, so be aware of your hair’s stretched-out length.

Identify your curl pattern: 2, 3, 4, ABC. If your hair can transition from wavy to extremely curly due to weather or seasons, you’re a wavy curl. If your curls remain consistent, you’re a curly curl. If your curls are small and appear like the diameter of a knitting needle or smaller, you’re a kinky or fractal curl.

For those booking a hair color service, provide the following:

  • When did you last color your hair?
  • Do you have highlights?
  • Were highlights covered in dye?
  • What color line was used (at home or salon)?
  • Do you have henna in your hair?
  • Have you dyed your hair black, and if so, how long ago?

Sharing this information helps us prepare for your service based on your unique hair history.

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By appointment only including  retail pick-up.