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Fine Curly Hair

We teach different techniques to different curl patterns. There is not a one method suits all. Fine curly hair needs special care.

The way to maximize volume for this curl patterns starts in the shower. You must wash with your curls out of the shower stream. The pressure of the shower on the crown will straighten out and decrease any chance for volume.

Apply your cleaner and use circular motions to cleanse the scalp and gently finger rake your cleanser from roots to ends. Do not just wash your scalp. You need to cleanse down the strands to remove natural oils and buildup that lays on those strands. After cleansing ensure you apply your conditioner and follow these steps below.

Adina has fine curly hair & maximizes volume by following this routine.

It involves a lot of scrunching every step of the way and brushing!

Conditioning step…brush through conditioner with fine mini-paddle brush or tangle teaser…scrunch.

Rinse conditioner out leaving some in…scrunch.

Squeeze hair by hand till hair is making a squish, squish sound but water is not dripping excessively through my fingers.

Apply a leave-in then brush through in small sections lifting hair up and out from the root…scrunch by hand with head upside down.

Take a nickel size of leave-in and finger rake through…then brush through in small sections up from the root. or styling lotion…scrunch! No brushing for this step!

Use a nickel size amount of gel that is thin in consistency and scrub evenly through your hair. Add more as needed or a egg sized amount of mousse applied the same way.

Super Tip!

Hair should be quite wet at this point so squeeze hair up to the roots with a small microfibre hand towel that’s be dampened with water and applied a little more gel on the towel and scrunch for curl encouragement…scrunch!

Curlbits tips remember these steps:

We use the mini paddle brush on fine curly hair. It’s the best on to use for finer curl patterns as the teeth are super close to help hydrate the curls and encourage moisture penetration into finer strands. Because the brush is small and hand-held it encourages taking smaller sections which encourages curls clumping and definition in smaller sections. Remember to Always brush each section upwards from the root to encourage lift and volume.

Use root lifting clips for volume. If you have super fine hair you may want to use our PinkPik.

Adina then clips her hair and sometimes uses her PinkPik to add volume.

Air dry for 5 minutes.

Hood dry for 15 minutes or until almost dry!

For consistent results follow these steps every time!

The hooded dryer is my curls best friend! Order one and you won’t regret it! Fine curly hair sets so much better when drying untouched. Dry curls on lowest setting of heat and airflow.

If you want more volume…hood dry till almost dry then diffuse upside down.

PinkPik – add volume when you can’t clip:

Different ways to clip see here:

See this YouTube video for steps to follow: