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Complimentary Encore Service

Book a complimentary encore service after your appointment. Let’s touch base to review your progress since your first appointment. So don’t forgot to book your 15 minute follow-up!

There are many perks to this service:

  • Maybe you’ve decided to go a little shorter, want bangs or looking to tweak the shape.
  • You more than likely learned a lot at your first appointment so you may need a little refresh on your learns! This is a great opportunity to do just that.
  • Book if you struggle with anything in your new routine. Come in done and show us how you applied what you learned for your at-home curly style and we will recommend extra tips where needed.
  • If this was your first appointment you should know that your waves and curls will go through many changes with your new routine. Let’s review to make sure you’re routine is solid and that you’re getting the best results.

When booking mention what this “Encore” booking session is to cover.  Ensure you are in the studio within 30 days of your first appointment. You must come in done. This means freshly washed, curly styled with product & 100% dry!

Upgrade your encore to a “Curly Wash + Style + Specialized Organic Treatment” which will be discounted 50% when you book on-line. 

Curly Girls Studio will go above and beyond to provide you with the ultimate curl experience, one curl at a time!