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100% Mulberry Silk Bonnet For Sleeping

(3 customer reviews)


Keep your waves and curls protected when sleeping, or place on the top of your head before putting on your winter hat to protect from frizzy hat head. If you are experiencing fairy knots and super curly hair that never seem to grow, switch to silk and you’ll see a difference, with tangles and knots decreasing and shine increasing!

3 Features give you the best silk bonnet for sleeping!    Curly Girls 100% Mulberry Silk Bonnet

Keep waves and curls protected when sleeping or place on the top of your head before putting on your winter hat to protect from frizzy hat head.

Curly Girls Studio has created the perfect silk bonnet. After a year of testing, comparing online and gathering clients feedback we designed our silk bonnet with the best features to meet our clients needs.

Features & Benefits

-100% Mulberry Silk

-22 momme silk.

-triple tie petal tie style customize your fit to make it’s fully adjustable.

-thin elastic at the sides to hold our silk bonnet in place

-no elastic seem on the hairline for your comfort and will prevent indents on your forehead

Protect your waves and curls at night when you sleep with a silk bonnet. Switch to silk and you will see a difference with frizz & knots decreasing and shine increasing! Protect your hair from pillow rub and tangling by using our 100% silk bonnet.

Why silk and not satin? Silk is a natural fiber that allows  airflow and satin does not.

Why does this matter?

Hair and scalp need to breathe when you sleep to allow airflow. This will reduce the creation of frizz. Using a satin bonnet which is an unnatural material traps body heat in and does not allow the airflow needed to promote all the benefits silk provides.

Protect your hair the right way at the right time!

Silk bonnets are for sleeping but satin is a perfect way to block cooking odours from attaching to your locks when frying, steaming or cooking food. Satin is the perfect odour blocker as it prevents airflow.

What thicknss of silk is best for your silk bonnet?

We use 100% 22 momme Mulberry silk. Which is the perfect thickness for a bonnet as this thickness helps the bonnet retain its shape and is more durable.

What is a momme?  A momme is a measurement of silk weave / thickness. 18 momme is the thickness of most bonnets and these bonnets won’t hold the shape as well and are less durable.

Silk is hypoallergenic and assists in helping hair retain its natural moisture.  The smooth surface silk is known for protects your tresses from pillow rub and friction.

Our silk bonnets are available in 4 sizes and 5 colours.
Free pouch while supplies last.

Fit and size details!

Our bonnets feature a thin elasticized band on the sides to hold the silk bonnet in place. A full wrapped elastic bonnet tends to slip off but since we’ve designed our bonnet with side elastic and tie petals the bonnet stays in place without slipping. Our adjustable 3 petal tie design will provide a perfect customized fit.

Our silk bonnets are available in the following colours and sizes.

Grey -small 27 cm
Lotus Flower -small 27cm
Pink -medium 28cm
Red -large 29cm
Teal x-large / xl 31cm

Here’s a share from our girls so you can see can compare the colours and sizes these ladies used for their hair.

Use gentle care when hand washing with a mild soap made for finer fabrics.  Do not put in a clothes dryer. Lay flat to dry. Ensure hai is not wet or damp when using the darker silk shades (raspberry & teal) to preserve colour vibrancy.


Weight .068 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × .5 in
Buying Options

Grey (Small), Rose (Small), Lotus Flower (Small) (Out of stock), Pink (Medium), Glacial (Medium), Hot Pink (Medium), Red (Large), Lilac (Large), Teal (XL)

3 reviews for 100% Mulberry Silk Bonnet For Sleeping

  1. Claudia

    I absolutely LOVE this bonnet!!!
    It is lightweight, extremely comfortable, stays put, and best of all fits my waist length curls!!!

    I have tried other bonnets in the past and felt that they weren’t very breathable. This silk is so luxurious.

    Thank you Adina for creating such great products for your curly girls ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Angie

    I’ve shopped around so long for a silk bonnet. On Amazon a lot say silk but when you read carefully you’ll see they are satin. After searching online I came upon this website and decided to buy one. I love this silk bonnet. I have medium density hair that is shoulder length and ordered the charcoal colour and it’s fits perfectly. It stays in place when I sleep and keeps my curls protected and frizz-free! Amazing quality and comes with a cute travel pouch! Highly recommend.

  3. Cheryl

    I’ve tried different types of bonnets and was never happy with any until I tried the one from Curly Girls. Works great, easy to use so comfortable, fits well and best part my curls are perfect in the am. I highly recommend buying this product.

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