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Choosing the Right Brush for Curly Hair

Curly hair comes are in all shapes, sizes and thickness. If you have any curl pattern, you know how crucial it is to have the right brush. A wet brushes for curly hair with the wrong bristles can quickly turn your bouncy waves into a frizzy mess. Here are the hair brushes that work best for your curly hair:

curly hair

Mini-Curly Paddle Brush

The mini curly brush is ideal to help with your styling. Due to its hand-held size and fine bristles, the brush will cluster curls neatly. It is perfect for finer curlies that find other brushes split the curls too much, making them look stringy, and perfect for detailing. For a beautiful finish, curls should be clumped and scrunched in small brush width/depth sections. It is also ideal for product distribution and for healthier second-day hair. It can be used to easily distribute your conditioner and styling products after first detangling with the Pink Pik.

Because of its hand-held size and fine bristles, the brush will cluster curls neatly. It is amazing for finer curlies who feel that other brushes split the curls too much, making them seem unruly, and perfect for detailing. For applying styling products, the hair should be wet, as it helps spread the product evenly.

Demi-7′′ Detangling Styling Brush for Curly Hair

A demi-detangling styling brush is ideal for evenly distributing conditioner and styling ingredients through your waves and curls. The cuticle will be penetrated with the greatest amount of moisturizing effect due to the bristles’ extreme softness and flexibility. Each hair strand comprises hundreds of thousands of tiny, shingle-like layers that, when dehydrated, rise to the surface in search of moisture. When you use this brush, it helps to super hydrate your waves and curls because finger raking techniques won’t provide moisture to each of those tiny cuticles. The brush bristles are significantly smaller than our fingers. It provides a smooth and even coating to hydrate your hair in a superb manner. The shape and size of the brush make it very easy to hold and make styling easy and graceful. It is recommended to use conditioner and Pink Pik to clip up your curls at the same time. Allow the conditioner to absorb for 1-2 minutes, or as directed by the product. Next, use the Pink Pik to gently untangle. Use the Pink Pik to divide your hair into sections, then use brush-width sections to work conditioner into the top and underneath of those areas until your waves and curls feel smooth. Depending on the thickness of your curls, separate the hair into brush-width and 1- to 2-inch-deep sections before applying your styling cream and leave-in conditioner. Make sure to brush in an upward manner, starting at the roots. Your hair will gain volume at the roots, and your scalp will be properly aerated as a result.

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