Curly Services

All services are offered with the health of your curls in mind. Only the best curl products are used to clarify, cleanse, hydrate and style curls for every wave and curl type! A curly cut can liberate your curls. But, for CG’s Studio it’s more about making sure you know how to take care of your curls so you can rock those curls everyday!

Curly Girls Studio is the only salon in North America offering three unique cutting techniques…Deva, Ouidad & Curlisto. Booking your appointment can be done on the home page. If you cannot find your ideal time/date, book your second choice and send a note in the space provided. Let us know if you wish to be on the cancellation list.

Each service begins with a consultation and hair evaluation. We will analyze hair growth patterns, thickness / density, curl health and ares of dehydration will be evaluated and solutions discussed and implemented throughout your service setting you up with a curl specific routine designed for you, your curl goals, schedule and lifestyle.

Curly Cuts From $95

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Clients are asked to come in with their hair washed and styled using a leave-in conditioner as a styler or leaving in some conditioner. Hair must be 100% dry for this service. Please do not clip, tie, twist your hair before the service. We need to see the natural fall of your curls and curl pattern.

During the consultation we will get to know your lifestyle and hair goals. Our stylists will access where your curls patterns may vary, density, fineness or thickness of strands, spring factor and hydration level of your curls. All these factors must be considered to deliver the best results for your curls and curl goals.

You will learn how to properly cleanse and condition your hair incorporating a suitable styling routine catering to your curls needs and your styling goals. Your hair will be curly styled and dry. We will finish the service reviewing the service and tweaking / editing the curls where needed.

We do not believe there is one size fits all routine. All of our services will be customized exclusively for you. 

What is a Deva Cut

The DevaCut was created by the Devachan Salon and is a special technique for cutting curly, wavy or coily hair. The cut is more about making each curl look its best and not just a way to “tame” the curls. The cut is performed on dry hair so the stylist sees how each curl will fall and each individual curl is shaped.

Express Cut | Cut & Go | Dusting

What is a dusting, cut & go or express cut? These are services related to a maintenance cut not requiring a wash and style. Have you mastered your curly or wavy style since your first appointment. A great option to keep ends fresh is to book this service. Come in curly washed, styled and 100% dry and we will dust your ends. Maintaining length and keep those curls popping with freshly originated ends is the best way to encourage healthy hair growth. Service is discounted based on length and thickness of your hair and time required for service. This is a maintenance cut booked every second cut to keep your ends fresh. This is not a cut to book for a new shape or drastic change. Book this service every 3-4 months depending on your curl pattern. Shorter curly hair styles will be in more frequently to maintain volume and shape. Longer hair will be in at about the 5 month mark.


Ouidad’s Carving & Slicing® is a curl-specific cutting technique that removes the bulk that causes the dreaded “pyramid” or triangular shapes and enhances the natural curl pattern to achieve well-defined ringlets that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces. The Ouidad service is done on wet hair and a suitable cutting method for any hair type. 


Curlisto Diametrix cutting method is also performed on wet hair. Curls are sectioned and weight or heavier bulky areas are targeted to strategically remove weight, encourage curls and maximize beautiful definition. This cutting method is suitable for all hair textures.

Cut & Tutorial $225

Two-hour one-on-one customized curl training designed just for your curl pattern. The session includes a dry cut, wash and style. You will learn how to wash, style and care for your curls. Standard treatments and clarifying is included.

Curly Girl Tutorial (no cut) $150

This 1.5 hour session will change the way you look at your curls forever. Includes one-on-one curl coaching. The session will focus on your routine from wash and styling and rebuilding positive curl habits so you will be able to rock those curls! No more knots or matted hair. Detangling will be made easy. You will learn all you need to help turn those dry curls (or curls in hiding) around.

Hair Colour

European hair colour lines that are PPD free for even the most sensitive of scalps. What is PPD? PPD contained in hair dyes have been associated with cancer and mutagenicity. Apart from that, PPD has potential toxicity which includes acute toxicity such as allergic contact dermatitis and subacute toxicity. We strive for healthy air and hair in the studio because our chemical formulas are free from harmful ingredients you will notice a difference the moment you enter our studio.

Do you have a little grey and prefer light coverage? A freehand strand by strand treatment will deal with the greys without exposing your scalp to chemicals. We now offer pigment rich products to gently blend the grey away.

Organic Permanent Root Touch-Up From $95

Full Permanent Colour From $115

Grey Blending From $95


Treatments Add-on Service From $20

Olaplex Bond Rebuilding Treatment $150

Clarifying Add-on Service $20


No foils @ The Studio! Pintura highlighting non-foil techniques provide the best results for curly girls. Highlights can be achieved without the traditional foil, curl damaging processes. No harsh chemical reaction of your tender curls trapped in foil will happen at the studio! Only organic ammonia free bleach and activators are used to create beautiful highlights to protect the integrity of your curls. Our formulas for highlights are ammonia free or we can also use hair colour formulas fir a beautiful natural highlight effect.

Pintura Part-Line Highlights $115+

Pintura Partial Highlights $150+

Pintura Full Highlights $175+

Cloud Highlights $150+
New clients curls must be evaluated for colour services. For a beautiful glow the “cloud” highlighting technique may be for you. It involves saturating the ends with a highlighting formula. Applying this way gives a burst / pop of colour. This method creates a halo / glow surrounding the outer layer of your curls. Highlight formula is scrunched into the curls not raked through. This protects the integrity of the curls. A bond rebuilder is always recommended for post-service to restore the balance to your curls. Always remember to use moisturizing treatments to keep those lightened curls happy and hydrated weekly.

Underlights $200 +

What are underlights? Looking for something as different and unique as you and your curls are? Underlights add pops of colour on the lower layers of your beautful waves and curls! Multi-layer blend of tones as subtle or bold as you are placed to contrast or compliment your existing natural hair colour. Post-treatment service will provide hydration and bond rebuilding. Recommended on natural hair without previous hair colour service. Please provide hair history with your booking.

We offer all things curly! We no longer offer keratin smoothing systems, perms, blow outs or flat iron or services.

(* thick or extra long hair will require a surcharge based on additional time required, colour / formulations and styling time.