ebook The ABCs~How to Always Be Curly and Love It!

  • Rock your waves and curls!  (Full version ebook)

    Whether your hair is wavy, curly, kinky or any curl pattern in between, The ABCs will teach you how to care for your hair and embrace and love what you were born with, instead of fighting it. Curl expert Adina, owner of Curly Girls Studio, has built a reputation for helping clients of all ages and curl patterns in hair despair with her "curl coaching sessions." Clients learn step-by-step routines to bring out the very best in their waves and curls. The ABCs is like having one of Adina’s personalized coaching sessions right in your own home, and will forever change the way you look at your hair, one curl at a time.


    • How to control frizz
    • How to identify your curl pattern and its needs
    • Why elasticity is so important for your hair and how to restore it
    • Curly rehab and recovery from poor routines, heat damage and chemical services
    • Proper washing and conditioning routines to help hydrate and add moisture to your hair
    • How to care for multi-curl and super-kinky hair patterns
    • About styling products and application methods to get the best curly style
    • How to dry, diffuse, add volume and protect your curls at night
    • How to get better next-day curls
    • DIY curly tips and techniques
    • How to color your hair or love your gray, thanks to transitioning and highlighting tips

    …and so much more to bring out the curl in you!

    As you explore the chapters, you’ll be inspired and your hair routine will be made easy. The ABCs will guide you all the way so you, too, can "Always Be Curly”—and love it!