Appointment Info


When booking your first appointment…please read so you will get the best from your appointment.

When was you last hair cut?

What is your style goal?  (bring pictures or clips of the shape and style you are looking for or hoping to grow into).

How do I prepare for a DevaCut?

Your stylist will use our signature dry-cutting technique, so please arrive at the salon with your curls detangled and dry, in their natural state. Prior to your appointment, it’s best to let your hair hang loosely—avoid ponytail holders or clips.

What styling products do you use?

Extremely tanggled hair will be charged extra so make sure you have your hair Detangled to avoid extra charges. 

Cuts are booked by length and thickness so please make sure you know your hair length when stretched out.

Curl Patterns….which one are you….?  2,3,4….ABC?

If you have hair that can be wavy and go extremly curly given weather conditions or seasonal you are a wavy curl.

if you have a full curl that rarely changes season to season…You may be frizzy during different seasons or climates…but your curl remains almost the same diameter… are a curly curl.

if you you have a curl that you can barely see a true curl formation or it is so small it appears the diameter of a knitting needle or smaller…. you are a kinky or fractal curl.

Curly hair colour service…

When was the last time you coloured your hair?

Do you have highlights in your hair?

Did you have highlights, but they are covered in dye? 

What colour line was it that was used…at home or salon?

Do you have henna in your hair?

Did you dye your hair black and how long ago?

Providing this info will make for a better appointment service to be made properly according to your needs.

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